Supportive Housing

Supportive Shelter provides an alternative living arrangement for people who need extra supportive care towards living independently. 
  • Provides supervision and extra care for those who are unable to live independently because of age, disability, addiction, mental illness, chronic homelessness, or other circumstances.

  • Supportive services normally include access to case management, housing support, work training, and more.   

Supportive Housing in Anchorage

Rural Cap Housing

  1. Road Home - (907)-279-2511 - Provides a comprehensive array of services to chronically homeless individuals with a primary diagnosis of substance abuse and high use of Anchorage Safety Center due to public inebriation.
  2. Safe Harbor Inn - (907) 644-8525 - Provide safe, secure, dignified housing for very low-income homeless families and individuals- especially those experiencing physical and mental disabilities. 
  3. 325 E. Third St - (907) 865-7500 - Permanent supportive housing for homeless individuals experiencing mental and physical disabilities.
  4. Karluk Manor - Must be identified as a beneficiary of the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority. Must be known to be affected by chronic alcoholism, and must have an income below 30% of the area median income for a single person
  5. Sitka Place - (907) 868-7373 Provides permanent supportive housing for homeless individuals with serious mental illness.  The goal is to provide housing support and assistance with recovery.


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