Transitional Housing

What is it?

  • Affordable, low-cost housing

  • Provide support services to people who are homeless or close to it

  • Help people be more self-sufficient and move toward independent living on their own. 

  • Each transitional living housing services will vary. 

  • Services provided can be from substance abuse treatment, psychological assistance, job training, domestic violence assistance, etc.   

  • Cost: Generally affordable and low-cost housing, varies by location.

How do I get it?

  1. Check out your options in Anchorage from the listings below 
  2. Call the housing services below, and ask if you qualify.
  3. OR Visit a transitional housing office in person and the front desk will help
  4. OR dial 2-1-1 and ask for help with Transitional shelters

Transitional housing in Anchorage

1. Akeela US- (907) 433-7080 - Call First for Eligibility!

  • Provides affordable, safe, and drug and alcohol-free living  
  • Treatment programs 
  • help with finding employment 
  • Must fill out Intake Form. (Download Packet & Application)
2. Shiloh Community Housing - (907) 770-2993 
3. Oxford House - Complete the Application
4. Lutheran Social Services- (907) 272-0643 - Housing Application  
  • Provides men for preparation for sustainable employment and housing. 
  • Our program supports residents to develop and maintain a healthy and stable lifestyle. 
  • Turn in the application to the main office at: 1303 W.33rd Ave. Anchorage, AK 99501
5. SouthCentral Foundation, Willa's Way - (907) 729-6300 
  • Comprehensive safe home program for victims of domestic violence. 
  • Serves Alaska Native and American Indian women and their children who are homeless due to domestic violence.
6. Abused Women's Aid in Crisis - 24-hour crisis line: (907) 272–0100 
  • AWAIC maintains a shelter where victims of domestic violence and their children may seek help anytime they are in danger.


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