Alaska State ID/Driver's license

Cheer up! getting your ID will be a piece of cake.

Just follow these simple steps!

1. Complete the Application for State Driver's License, Permit, or Identification Card (online or print)

2. Proof of Citizenship:

  •  Birth certificate 
  •  OR Passport

3. AND one (1) of the following proof of Identity:

  • a permit or license from another state
  • employee ID
  • health insurance card
  • IRS or state tax form
  • medical records
  • military dependent identification
  • pilot's license
  • school ID

4. Proof of Residence

  • Utility bill
  • Alaska voter registration card
  • Alaska title and/or registration (Issued at least 30 days prior to application)
  • Paycheck Stub
  • Medical Assistance card
  • Public Assistance card
  • Canceled check or bank statement
  • Mortgage or rental documents
  • Letter from employer on letterhead verifying applicant’s residence address

5. Cost: $15 (cash, check or card)

6. Submit your applications

       In Person: 

       Address: 1300 West Benson Boulevard, Anchorage, Alaska

      Phone: (907) 269-5551

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